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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

When we started designing this house I knew I needed to have one thing: a massive working pantry.

When we moved into our first home we had a list of small things we wanted to do to make it our own. Painting rooms and ordering custom window treatments were certainly on that list, but my top priority was ordering a pantry. That’s right. Ordering a pantry.

Our 10x10 foot kitchen was efficient, but lacking in storage space. I managed to track down the manufacturer of the cabinets and they agreed to build us a pantry, but with a few catches: They wouldn’t stain it or install it. So we tried. We really did! We had a paint store “color match” the stain (read that in a sarcastic tone because the stain did not, in fact, match) and then my husband and father-in-law stained and installed it. No, the color wasn’t perfect, but I sure was grateful to have a place to store all those bags of chips and boxes of mac and cheese!

“I wanted space for everything: food, small appliances, all the fine china we got for our wedding that had been collecting dust in my parents’ house for 10 years.”

When we started designing this house I knew I needed one thing and one thing only: a massive working pantry! I also wanted a sink and plenty of counter space and outlets for behind-the-scenes meal prep.

We chose to paint the cabinets the same color as the kitchen island, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. The three floating shelves were stained to match the flooring and living room built-ins. I tend to pick things up and move them around every few days, but one constant is my Snoop Dogg cookbook. Who better to keep a kitchen crunk than the Boss Dogg himself?

The gold hardware on the cabinets matches the hardware in the kitchen and living room. Choosing the perfect cabinet hardware was a challenge, namely because of the cost and my inability to make decisions! When building a home every feature is a line item on a budget spreadsheet. Unfortunately for me all the hardware I liked were off the charts and well off the spreadsheet in terms of cost. I looked and looked and finally found The Vouvant Collection by Hamilton Bowes. These beauties were a little above the budget but they didn’t break the bank like some of the other pulls I’d been drooling over.

The other great thing about these pulls? I found some very similar ones for cheap on Amazon that helped me balance out that pesky budget. The cheaper pulls went into less trafficked areas like the guest bathroom.

Finally, the pantry was the perfect place to tuck away the microwave. We tend to use it exclusively for popcorn so we didn’t want it taking up valuable real estate in the kitchen.

My dad is an insurance agent but I’m convinced he’s also a secret design ninja. He used his superpowers to map out the layout for this pantry including the perfect height for the microwave. I guess you can say there were multiple cooks in the kitchen – Ha! Until next time.

All the Radness.




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