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I am beyond THRILLED to announce I’m off

I like to have fun! Right now I'm having fun styling the home we started designing in 2018 and moved into in July 2019. It's a slow process. I like A LOT of things and am incredibly indecisive so design decisions often result in sleepless nights and a desperate desire for a cocktail!

My life revolves around my husband and two daughters, but also in my marketing business that I run out of my home. My focus on real estate marketing fuels the design flames as I often find myself touring gorgeous new construction homes. I hope this home I love so much can inspire other people to live their best life in rad surroundings. 

You can follow along on Instagram @houseofrad405 or TikTok @houseofrad and shop all of my finds by finding me on the SHOP.LTK app. Collaboration partners can find me on LTK and Aspire IQ. 

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