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This black and white guest bathroom is private, stylish and spacious enough for our guests to feel like they're truly on vacation.

One of the things that we really wanted when we started designing this house was a private space for everyone, including guests. Since we have two young children we can generally count on frequent visits from grandmas and grandpas. We also live in a Big 12 college town so games are a good excuse for our friends from out of town to come see us.

“Black and white is a definite theme throughout our home and we punched it up with the finishes in this bathroom.”

The black cabinets are painted the same Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black as the kitchen island and all of the doors. White quartz countertops and white hexagon tiles on the floors add to the contrast.

Brushed brass accents warm up the space in both the bath fixtures and the cabinet hardware.

Because we blew our hardware budget in the kitchen, pantry and master bath, I spent weeks hunting for high-end looking hardware on a budget for this bathroom. These pulls were purchased on Amazon and aside from weight, they are pretty dang close in appearance to our pricey pulls elsewhere.

Space to Spread Out

When I’m traveling I like to spread out; set all my makeup bags and toiletries, put the shampoo in the shower, pretty much make myself right at home. The guest bathroom vanity is long with ample room for bags and hair tools. Some of our more frequent guests (Hi mom!) have plenty of drawer space to leave some things behind like their own toiletries or blow dryer.

Planning for the Future

When I was a kid my grandfather on my dad’s side ended up in a wheelchair. I have pretty distinct memories of my dad building ramps from the garage into the house so that my grandpa would be able to better access our house when he and my grandma visited. For this reason we decided to be proactive. The shower floor is flush with the rest of the flooring for easy access. We also don’t have a step coming up from the garage into the house so anyone who may need special assistance with wheelchairs or crutches can have an easier time moving around out home.

Styling for a Purpose

It’s easy for me to buy things that meet one requirement: pretty. But I also want to make sure our guests have everything they need. A small holder for their toothbrush and a tray for rings and jewelry is a necessity in any bathroom. Of course I also have a few pretty things just because!

That’s it for the guest bathroom tour. I hope it entices people to come see us! Until next time.

All the Radness.




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