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A witty doormat is the perfect way to welcome guests to your home and is always a conversation starter. I've gathered all my favorites and if you're a Hocus Pocus fan like me, there are plenty that might strike your fancy!

When I was a kid I had a Hocus Pocus obsession. My best friend and I would put on witch costumes, complete with the big pointy hats, and watch the movie on repeat. For years the movie served as my opening ceremony to fall.

Some of my happiest memories from childhood were during Halloween. My mom would have the whole house decorated and we'd put our freshly carved pumpkins on the small brick wall in our front yard. I'm sure my memory is exaggerating, but it seemed like hundreds of kids would run through our neighborhood trick-or-treating. I remember carrying my treat bags filled with candy feeling like they were so heavy I just couldn't carry them anymore. My dad, dressed up as Uncle Fester, would have to carry them for me!

Did anyone else like to stick their whole head in their bag of Halloween candy just so they could smell that delicious, sugary Halloween aroma? Or is that just me?

Now that I'm an adult I still love Halloween. I also love home decor and making people laugh! A witty doormat is the perfect combination of all three and I'm on the hunt for the perfect one. Clearly I'm a fan of the witty doormat as evidenced by my year-round display of this bad boy on my front porch:

It wasn't even officially fall before I started putting out the decor. My porch is pretty much done save for one important detail - a Halloween door mat. I've found plenty I love and want to share them with you in case you, too, are on the hunt!

This one is obviously on my short list since it's incredibly relatable! The fact of the matter is that we probably ARE watching Hocus Pocus and we probably DO want whoever is at the door to go away! JK. Sort of.

Oh that black flame candle! That thing turned out to be a real gem, huh? All I want from my candles is to make my whole house smell like I'm walking through a fall-colored forest at twilight while holding a piece of fresh pumpkin pie.

This one is my very favorite because guess what, it IS hella fall up in here! The one and only reason I haven't ordered it is because I haven't decided if telling my 6 year old that AF stands for "And Fun" is a good idea. What happens when she tells her whole class over zoom that it's "Fall AF in our house?"

Is it cool if I consider myself the baddest witch on the black when there are only a handful of houses in my neighborhood? I think so.

I feel like "Witches be Trippin'" is the unofficial slogan of 2020. Forget a Halloween-specific doormat, this one can stay up all year round!

"Oh, look. Another glorious morning. Makes me sick!" was ALSO in the running as the unofficial 2020 slogan. It's also arguably one of the best lines in the whole film in my completely professional cinematic opinion.

This one is another trendy doozie!

This doormat is for those people who like to get straight to the point.

For most of my life I really didn't care about wearing shoes inside the house. The I met my husband for whom this is a pet peeve! I have to admit it still didn't rub me the wrong way until I had kids. Watching them crawl around the floor was like a lightbulb going off - gross! That's all to say that heck yeah, shoes off people!

Nothing makes you feel more gangster than a Bad and Boojee doormat! Except for maybe when it has two adorable ghosts and Monster Mash is blaring in the background - because who doesn't feel like a kid again when Monster Mash comes on?!

This ghost already looks like he's had a couple and can you blame him? It's 5:00 everywhere all the time in 2020 and if you're stopping by you better have brought some BOOs. I know dad jokes are a thing, but I really feel like this is a quintessential mom joke.

Which of these is your favorite? It's hard to choose! How do you like to decorate for Halloween? Leave me a comment below OR find me on Instagram @houseofrad405. Until next time!


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