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It's time to start decorating for our favorite time of year! I've compiled my list of this year's top decorating trends for Christmas 2022 and it's a must read before you adorn your home!

This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission from any purchases made from links within this post at no additional cost to you!

Do you hear those sleigh bells ringling? Christmas is around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re already planning your holiday décor! Most of us reuse the same décor year after year, but adding a few new pieces each season helps keep your look fresh. I’ve be scouring my favorite retailers and reading all the blogs to determine what the top decorating trends will be for this 2022 holiday season. Read on to see the full list and find links to some of my favorite trending products.

1. Paper Decor

Sit back and reminisce of Christmases past when we spent hours folding and cutting construction paper into small trees and one-of-a-kind snowflakes. Paper décor is coming in hot and it’s one of my favorites for many reasons – most notably being that its AFFORDABLE! Paper décor is making a comeback without the mess in the form of accordion trees, paper chain garland, and cute ornament sets.

Paper décor is substantially more affordable than its heavy duty counterparts and comes in so many colors and styles. This trend is easy and cheap to incorporate into your holiday plans without having to break the bank. Take this trend up a notch by creating these products yourself or with your kids. They may not turn out as pretty (or maybe they will!) but you’ll sure have a lot of fun making them!

2. Vintage Glamour

The Roaring 20s are making their way into our holiday decor with all the shimmer and shine of The Gatsby era! Glittery gold and hints of black have taken over Christmas making us all forget that 2022 has been the year of inflation and not economic prosperity! This style of decorating will easily transition your home from Christmas to New Years while giving us all the champagne popping vibes we need to end the year!

One of my favorite ways to incorporate vintage glamour into your holiday decor is with sparkling tinsel! Add tinsel to your tree, mantlescape or even your wreaths to give your home all the glamour it deserves! Take note from CB2 and go tinsel-crazy with a silvery tinsel tree!

Whatever your Christmas color scheme, finding vintage-style ornaments to suit your style will be extra easy this year! One of my favorite affordable sets is this 20-piece set of rainbow colored ornaments!


Candles and lanterns have been making their way into cozy holiday decor for as long as we’ve celebrated the holidays. This year these traditional pieces are being given new life with different shapes, colors and presentations. Put away your traditional candles and instead opt for unique shapes or holiday-themed counterparts that provide the same aesthetic glow but in a much more fun way!

These gorgeous colorful taper candles can be mixed and match to up the wow factor of any Tablescape or mantlescape! Whether you prefer the shape of traditional taper candles or something twisty and modern, different colors are sure to add to a pop of whimsey to an otherwise ordinary accessory.


As you've likely noticed in the other trends I've mentioned, bright neon and pastel colors are popping up all over every other Christmas trend this season! Christmas is no longer limited to reds and greens - pinks, purples, teals and more are taking the Christmas world by sparkly storm!

One of my very favorite holiday decor lines is both fabulously bright and ridiculously expensive - it’s called Glitterville! I stumbled upon this brand in a candy store that could rival Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with life size nutcrackers and sugar plum fairies.

In my search for affordable Glitterville and Cody Foster alternatives I discovered more shiny rainbow-infused holiday decor than I thought possible! If you know me at all you know my house is incredibly neutral so all of this Candy Land inspired decor will be finding home in my daughters’ playroom!


Gold bells have been gracing our holiday vignettes ever since the first church bells rang, but they are no doubt making a resurgence by taking center stage! One of last year’s hottest items was Pottery Barn’s gold bell wall décor featuring a large set of bells of varying sizes hung on the wall with a large rod. These bells are stunning and make quite a statement, though they are out of budget for many of us!

Luckily, beautiful golden bells are available at a myriad of price ranges including this mid-range set from Kirkland’s and this very economical set from Amazon.

Work gold bells into your holiday décor with strands of bell garland, as anchors in your table centerpieces or as hanging ornaments. William Sonoma even has a fabulous gold bell wreath! Each year I hang large strands of gold bells on my Christmas tree and on the ends of my stairway garland. There are ENDLESS ways you can incorporate bells into your décor this year and every year after!


I am a HUGE fan of bows in every way possible – bows in my hair, bows on my sweaters, bows on my earrings! But my very favorite bows are the ones that grace my house during Christmas! Retailers are incorporating bows on ornaments, garland and nutcrackers. Everywhere I look there are beautiful bows in every type of fabric and material.


Last year woodland themes took Christmas by storm with woodland creatures and natural textures gracing so many trees. This year we will see even more of this but with even more wooden and natural design elements. I, personally, love the modern look of wooden Christmas trees. Last year I purchased a set of terracotta trees that I can’t wait to display on my shelves again!

Rustic color pallets are also showing up with trending lazer cut wood décor that envoke feelings of Christmases past. Work these neutral, rustic colors into your décor with wood and stone décor or even things found in your own backyard like branches and pinecones!

Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite holiday trend is! How will you be incorporating them, if any, into your decor?

Until next time!


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