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You already buy all your home essentials on Amazon, but did you know they have great home decor too? Read on for my Top 5 favorite home brands on Amazon!

This post contains affiliate links so I may earn a small commission from any purchase made at no additional cost to you.

I am always on the hunt for great home decor, especially for items that are affordable! So many of us use Amazon to get our everyday essentials or gifts for the kids, but did you know that Amazon is also a great source for affordable decor?

Amazon can definitely be overwhelming so here I am listing my top 5 favorite home decor brands to make your shopping experience even easier! When you're done reading, leave me a comment telling me which brand is your favorite or if you have a favorite brand I missed!


Shopping small is my favorite way to shop. A couple of years ago I noticed some of my favorite items from local boutiques were all by the same brand - Bloomingville! I started digging online and found an Amazon storefront for the brand. Of course, I always prefer to spend my money locally, but if a store runs out of an item or doesn't carry a specific item I'm looking for I know exactly where to look online!

Bloomingville has a lot of transitional, modern and rustic pieces that you can mix and match to make a really curated look. I especially love this brand because of all the black items they have available. I love black, but find it's hard to find home accents in dramatic moody hues. Here are some of my favorite items currently available:


Creative Co-Op has a seriously expansive collection ranging from rustic modern farmhouse to bohemian. I initially found this brand when I was on a farmhouse kick in our last home. I couldn't get enough rustic wood and galvanized steel. Now I love their offerings of neutral, modern pieces that I can fit into any room of my home.


One of my very favorite reasons for loving Kate & Laurel isn't just their product offerings, it's because they have a mission of making great home decor accessible to everyone. Kate and Laurel have four different product line collections that range from cozy casual to elegant transitional. They also have a generous return policy so if you're not happy with something it's easy to return it.


I first discovered Rivet when I was on the hunt for a cognac leather couch. Their styles and prices are comparable to Poly & Bark and they have so many great furniture pieces to choose from. Rivet is an Amazon-exclusive brand and features a wide offering of mid-century modern furniture and decor. Their price points are truly unbeatable!


No post on affordable home decor would be complete without a source for lighting! If you've ever been in the market for lighting, you know it can get expensive fast! I found Teenyo while searching for affordable wall sconces and loved their glam gold options. Teenyo tends to lean heavily glam or heavily farmhouse with little in between, but I'm a sucker for anything that shimmers so I wanted to include them in this list!

What are some of your go-to brands or shops for affordable home decor? I'm always looking to share tips, tricks and sources so let me know what you think!

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