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It's April and spring has sprung! These are my Top 3 must haves to spice up your home decor this spring!


My soul has felt so much lighter the past two weeks. I know, logically, that winter only lasts for a few months, but I felt like we were trapped inside our house for YEARS. Now the weather is warming up and I've been sprucing my home up for spring.

I started with the outside. Two devastating freezes this winter took out some of my shrubs and I'm crossing my fingers a few of my trees will come back. I've spent hours digging up dead foliage, planting new, and laying down mulch in all of our beds. Did you see the REEL I made with my window box tips? If not - check it out here! Also be sure to keep any eye out as I walk you through all my favorite gardening tips next week - Gah, when did I reach middle age and start enjoying gardening? I think it was around the time I started having kids and realized gardening = quiet!

While I enjoy giving our exterior a refresh, I'm also switching up things inside to make our whole home feel bright and springy! In all of my reorganizing and shopping, I've put together my Top 3 Home Decor Trends that you need in your home this spring!


Palm house plant in white modern planter black modern watering can

House plants have been making a big comeback in recent years and this year they are downright exploding! Without a doubt the most popular house plant right now is the Olive Tree. Real or faux, these trees offer a nice small canopy of small, pretty green leaves with pops of black olives. They are a great way to bring in some greenery with a subtle silhouette.

faux olive tree in basket planter
studio mcgee threshold target faux olive tree in white planter

My very favorite real house plant is the snake plant - they are seriously hard to kill which makes them perfect for my home which isn't exactly a certified plant sanctuary. In fact, if you even take half decent care of them, they'll multiply and within a year or two you can have MULTIPLE plants!

Other popular houseplants include Palms, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Succulents, and Dracaena. My favorite use of a house plant is putting a tall one in an otherwise blank corner. I also love to put them on shelves to add a little life to all my man-made decor.

faux fiddle leaf tree in basket planter
faux Dracaena plant in gray cement concrete planter


West Elm Porto Patio Outdoor Furniture Crate and Barrel Outdoor Coffee Table Side Table

Natural fiber decor and furniture is all the rage and won't be letting up anytime this spring or summer. Beautiful pieces made of cane, bamboo, rattan and jute bring natural, earthy vibes into any space while also adding some warm neutrals.

Last year I added this woven sphere and rustic, coastal tray to my outdoor living space and I plan to reuse them this year. Since then I've also added natural fiber in the form of smaller interior decor pieces such as cane file organizers and rattan mirrors.

William Sonoma Rattan Trays
h&m braided rattan plant pot baskets

Trays and baskets are an easy way to bring this trend into your home. Use the trays as serving platters or as anchors for a decorative table scape. In my current stage of life I'm obligated to use baskets as catch-alls for toys, but these would be cute for holding blankets or beach towels, or even as a container for house plants!

World Market Black Wood And Cane Back Fynn Dining Armchair

natural jute pouf

I've shared this cane chair and jute pouf before which I won't even pretend to apologize for, because they deserve a second mention! This natural fiber trend might be my very favorite because not only is it pretty and durable - there are SO many options! If you're on a budget or maybe on the fence, you can work this trend into your home in small ways such as with the cute set of coasters that would be a perfect accent to your patio.

rattan woven coasters


black and white mozu trinket dish

Raise your hand if you've been traveling in the past year? Ha ha. I can almost hear the proverbial crickets are we all consider the days and months we spent close to home last year. Pottery and stoneware are coming in hot on the home decor scene and I think it's pretty obvious why - they bring a cultural flare to our otherwise Western styles and make us feel like each item has been individually curated in places far away.

black charcoal antique terracotta urn pot jug

Big pots, jars and jugs have me absolutely swooning right now. The bigger, the better if you have space for it, but small pieces can have major impact too! Clay, stone, ceramic, and terracotta are showing up on every retailer's websites and I am all over this non-trend.

creative co op unglazed natural terracotta bowl

I would style this terracotta bowl by placing it on top of a stack of books and adding some dried artichokes and maybe a strand of beads!

Rustic Ceramic Flower Vase,Tribal Decorative Farmhouse Vases with Geometric palm leaf pattern

These vases are pretty enough to stand on their own, but would also be gorgeous with a number of faux stems - my favorite being cherry blossoms and eucalyptus.

What are your favorite home trends right now? Are you excited to get on board with any of these? Let me know if the comments what you're loving right now! Until next time.


Apr 16, 2021

I love all of it; but I'm swooning over that cane backed chair from World Market!


Apr 16, 2021

I love my plants so much!!


Apr 15, 2021

You found so many good house plants. I need to add more to my place ASAP!

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