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Every year there are more and more beautiful Christmas card options to choose from. Let me help make your decision process easier by sharing my Top 10 Favorite Christmas Cards for 2023.

This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase something through these links.

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is sending Christmas cards.Each yearh our family photographer holds Christmas Mini Sessions with the best Santa you've ever seen (he is the real Santa afterall). These photos have become milestone photos that mean the world to me and I find so much enjoyment in sharing these pictures with our friends and family.

As much as I sending Christmas cards, I agonize over choosing the perfect card design every year! Just like my home, I like a clean, contemporaty aesthetic. Here I've rounded up my favorite card designs. Each of them are from Minted because this is where I have found my Christmas cards for the past five years.

My criteria is simple: One main picture on front with space for more on the back, a unique contemporary design, and pretty coordinating envelopes. I did include one multi-photo card for those of you who have choosing one very favorite photo!

1. Arched Wreath Frame

This arched wreath frame is the card I chose for our family this year! It comes in a few different colorways and I was really torn between the cream background and the charcoal, but I did a cream and gold arched card last year so I decided to change it up!

2. Bold Frame Holiday Card

Black and gold will always be a classic color combination. This black and gold foil frame is beautiful and allows your photo to really shine. This is the type of card I could frame and keep up in my house all year round.

3. Winter Light

4. Winter Foliage

5. Mount Xmas

6. Cozy Snowy Forest

I am a woman with many hobbies and I enjoy painting in my spare time. This card looks like something somebody put a lot of love into creating. The snowy forest scene is quintessential Christmas while adding a modern watercolor touch.

7. Garland Frame

Can you tell I have a penchant for arched cards? This garland framed card comes in some of the most beautiful colorways that are unexpected for Christmas. Just take a look at this ginger one below!

8. Shimmering Tartan

This shimmering tartan card is a fresh take on classic holiday plaid! The shades of green on this card are a far cry from the bright kelly greens of yesteryear. The gold adds a subtle pop that will help any holiday photo stand out!

9. Wisp of Greenery

This is my second favorite card this year! I had it in my cart along with the one I ended up ordering but I was THIS CLOSE to choosing this card! It comes in may colorways but the black and gold is timeless and the subtle greenery is the perfect hint of Christmas. Maybe I'll order this one next year!

10. Six Times Happier

As I said before, my favorite cards have a single photo on the front, but I know personally how hard it is to narrow down your favorite photos. It also helps keeps costs down to only have to print on one side! I really love the clean, white background on this card as it streamlines the design and allows the photos to pop.

Let me know which card is your favorite! Happy Holidays!



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