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There are so many fun home trends in store for 2023. Below are my top 5 favorite that I can’t wait to incorporate - or already have - into my own home designs!

This post contains affiliated links which means I may make a small commission for any items purchased through the links at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own.

Each year interior designers, influencers, home building professionals, and retailers start setting the stage for upcoming trends in home décor and design. They put in countless hours traveling the world and curating looks for the mass consumers.

Despite all their efforts and hard work, the true success of these trends is decided by YOU. Here are the top 5 home décor trends I predict will skyrocket through 2023.


This trend speaks to me! Walls are no longer the only places to display your artwork as furniture and decorative objects become works of art in their very own rites! For years we’ve seen curved furniture grow in popularity but this year we’re going to see furniture take on even more forms and shapes.

From stacked table lamps and geometrical table bases, furniture and décor in every color and finish will offer visual interest as well as functionality. These pieces make a huge statement, but if you’re worried about making the leap, choose structural items in neutral colors and finishes like warm woods or marble.


My oldest daughter has the Big Book of Colors and for years she made me read it to her over and over again. This was my least favorite book to read because it wasn’t a story, just page after page of facts about colors. It’s because of this book that I know that blue is what almost half the world says is their favorite color. For that reason, I know that so many people will be thrilled with this next trend!

Earthy green tones have been stealing the show for the past two years, but moody blues are taking back the spotlight! Blue is a calming color and can make a dramatic statement in darker hues. Blue wallpaper with big, bold patterns and earthy blue toned paints will be gracing the walls of new builds and remodels alike. Statement furniture pieces in shades of blue as well as textiles and artwork will also be showing up in abundance. Incorporate this look with new pillow covers, bedding or even dishware!


Wallpaper has been steadily gaining popularity and this is the year it takes off! There are so many incredible wallpaper options for any type of style. My favorite wallpapers are natural fibers like grasscloth, sisal and paperweave. I have a black grasscloth wallpaper in our powder room and it is the perfect mix of drama and simplicity.

For those who want to make even more of a statement there are bold, colorful patterns from multiple fabulous brands; some of my favorites are House of Hackney, Rifle Paper Company and Annie Selke. One of the most comprehensive sources I’ve found for fab wallpaper is Decorators Best. This is where I ordered my own wallpaper.

Embrace this trend by wallpapering a small powder room or office, or go big in a bedroom or on a ceiling. If you love this trend but just can’t commit to the semi-permanence of the installation, frame a large portion of your favorite wallpaper and hang it on your wall!


They say you can’t go home again, but this return to traditional design sure makes me feel like I can. Traditional décor often includes layers of texture, substantial textiles and rich colors. Traditional styles often lean more maximalist than minimalist with ornate details and busier sightlines.

Darker woods, deeper hues and bigger, bolder patterns will drive the traditionalism and can be seen throughout all the other trends I’ve listed like moody blue hues and wallpaper.

If you’re like me and your style leans more contemporary, but you still want to infuse some traditional style into your space, modern traditional is the design trend for you! You can keep your neutral, clean-lined style and add simple touches of ornate patters like floral and damask, or introduce an antique to your space.


The last few years we've seen warm wood tones coming back into play after decades of gray finally started fading to the background. This year we'll be seeing a significant deepening of the wood tones towards rich walnut, chestnut and espresso.

Easy ways to incorporate these darker woods into your current decor are by replacing smaller furniture pieces such as side table and counter stools with darker wood options. I'm currently loving the darker cane beds that originally only came in light wood and black options. More ambitious ways of adding this trend would be to add new cabinets (or sand and stain existing cabinets) with to your kitchen, bathrooms or built ins.

Which one of these top home trends is your favorite? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time.


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