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Get those mailing lists ready because it's almost time to stuff those envelopes with everyone's favorite snail mail tradition - Christmas Cards!

I admit it. I'm one of those people; The kind who live and breath Halloween until November 1st when everything then skips immediately to Christmas. Who cares that the leaves have barely begun to change or the porch is still covered in pumpkins, turn on the Hipster Christmas Pandora station because I am FEELING JOLLY.

That said, it comes as no surprise that I'm already thinking about Christmas cards. In all honesty, I can't even order Christmas cards anytime soon. I signed the girls up for a Santa photoshoot that isn't until Thanksgiving weekend and I won't be able to order cards until I get those pictures back. BUT that doesn't mean I can't window shop and share all of my favorites so that you might find some inspiration for your family's Christmas cards.

I've divided my favorite cards by three styles:

  1. Modern & Simple

  2. Bright & Colorful

  3. Classic & Traditional

Modern & Simple

Just like my home decor, my favorite style of Christmas cards is modern and simple. I love a clean, contemporary look and I think this style allows the photo(s) to be the star of the show. Here's our card from last year, looking back at it instantly made me smile!

Side note: If you're local to OKC, be sure to sign up for Lindsey Brook's Photography's Santa photos! She takes all of our family pictures and has the BEST Christmas set up!

I ordered these cards from Minted and was SO pleased with my order. I splurged and included the pre-printed envelopes with the mailing addresses already on them and let me tell you, I'll NEVER cheap out on that feature again! Anything that makes your life easier during the holidays is WORTH IT.

Now that you know what my own personal style is, you'll see why I chose the following cards!

Bright & Colorful

Sometimes I'm scared of color. In home design and in my clothing I prefer neutrals and subtle prints, but it's fun to switch it up occasionally! In searching for modern cards I came across some gorgeously colorful options that made even my neutral heart swoon! I think these cards bring an extra element of surprise and aren't likely to look like anyone else's holiday cards this year!

Classic & Traditional

Each year the majority of the Christmas cards we receive are classic and traditional. The reds, greens, gold foil, and snow flakes fill our little gold tree stand that displays the wonderful photos of our friends and family. There is no shortage of beautiful classic cards and these ones will stand the test of time for years to come.

There is just something so comforting and joyful about a classic Christmas design. I hope you like these cards, all of the photos are linked and can also be found on my profile @houseofrad405. Leave me a comment and tell me YOUR favorite card style!

Until next time!


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