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The Studio McGee for Threshold line is Target’s gift that keeps on giving. Here are all my favorites from the newly released Fall 2021 line!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to make shopping a breeze! These may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you! Read my entire Disclaimer Policy here.

When Target first collaborated with Studio McGee to launch a line with their Threshold brand, I was asleep at the wheel. I knew it was coming, but I didn't set my phone alarm to alert me to the time of the launch and that, my friends, is a lesson you only have to learn once!

Unlike many of Target's collaborations that are one-and-done, Studio McGee continues to release new lines that keep thrilling the market. Their use of natural tones and decorative items that blend together season after season keeps home decor enthusiasts like me coming back for more.

You'll notice their line for Fall 2021 brings in a lot of darker wood tones, vintage-style pieces, and noticeable rustic textures. I've compiled some mood boards of my favorite pieces to give you a taste of what's in store for this season's release!

Target Studio McGee Threshold Fall 2021 Teak Wood Chain Link Black Glass Cabinet Faux Olive Tree Standing Mirror Black Lantern Pendant

This first mood board contains my absolute favorite items, some of which I anticipate will sell out fast if they haven't already. The first is this gorgeous teak wood round chain link that is a warm contrast to the white chain links that have been gracing Instagram and Pinterest for the past year. Upgrading your links and adding a beautiful amber jug vase like the one above will add instant warmth to your decor getting you all ready for fall. Let's just pretend it's September already and not July, okay?

The black glass cabinet is beautiful, functional and comes in both 30" and 60" versions. If I had any space at all for a great cabinet, I would swoop this up in a heartbeat!

Studio Mcgee Threshold Target Fall 2021 barrel chair leather oval mirror side table blue accent rug wicker basker faux plant vintage style wall decor round vase

Rounded barrel chairs are making waves this year and this gorgeous light brown accent chair is the perfect size for any living space. The leather mirror and leather log holder add gorgeous medium brown tones to this season's neutral decor. Wicker baskets and faux plants are always on my list of must-haves and these ones will fit perfectly into any decor style.

My home is black, white and gold, but I see so many gorgeous homes decorating in blue (like my mom's house!) and I find it all so dreamy! This blue persian area rug is the perfect addition to any home that loves to pull in all the calming blue shades. And at only $99 for a 5x7, it really is an incredible deal!

While I was visiting my parents last week, I was perusing the aisles of their Target when I found this large faux potted Ficus tree and let me tell you, had I been in my husband's truck instead of my car, I would have taken it home with me! I also think this faux red plant is a gorgeous (and EASY) way to add fall colors into your home.

If you're like me and have ample open shelving or cabinets, you're constantly hunting for decorative items to add to your collection. This white decorative marble arch is the perfect item to achieve a great shelfie moment. If you're lacking on storage or just have a great collection of beautiful throw blankets, this leaning metal ladder is perfect for you! I used to only collect cozy, fuzzy blankets for that our sweet doggo would make his, but since he passed away last year I've been picking up blankets that are as much for display as they are for warmth. This ladder would be an excellent way to display them.

Target Studio McGee Threshold Fall 2021 cake stand marble pinch bowl teak wood box round wood board white milk glass lamp neutral area rug faux plant in ceramic vase black frame wall art

My final mood board features all the smaller odds and ends that I love, but couldn't quite squeeze into my other boards! The rustic jug vases and teak wood box are my favorite shelfie items, but the cake stand and small marble pinch bowl are ultra functional! Pinch bowls are some of my favorite things to incorporate into charcuterie boards which I always make around the holidays. This one is only $10 and comes with a little gold spoon which really takes the cake!

Are there any items in this new collection that jump out at you? If so, let me know in the comments! I've already ordered some of my favorite pieces and can't wait to share them with you when they arrive!

Until next time,


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05 de ago. de 2021

Such cool Target picks! Love them all!




14 de jul. de 2021

So many amazing pieces - you would never guess they were from Target.


13 de jul. de 2021

I love all of this! Makes me excited for fall!!!


12 de jul. de 2021

This is giving me so much amazing Inspo! I love it!



12 de jul. de 2021

I recently spotted that brown velvet armchair inside my local Target and the quality blew me away!! It looks so much more expensive that it really is. I have a lot of Studio McGee in my home and I can't wait to stock up on more this fall. Great inspo collages!

XO Amanda || <a href=' rel='nofollow'>Affordable by Amanda</a>

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