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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. See what's brewing at our house as we turn up the spook factor with skeletons, bats, and spiders!

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This year more than ever, I could not WAIT for fall to arrive! In September my oldest daughter was so annoyed when I made her stand with me while I threw countless Halloween items in my cart while at the grocery store. "It's not even October," she told me. So?! Who does she think she is? The holiday police?

My initial idea was to have a full-on bat theme. I wanted bats in the living room, bats on the front porch, bats hanging from the ceilings. However, like most well-laid plans, I ditched the theme once I was out and about looking for Halloween decor. The cold hard truth is that I love it all, so incorporate it all I did.


I've long believed that while interior decor is mainly for our family, exterior decor is for everyone else. It's the part of the house that everyone sees; that the neighbors stroll by on their daily walks, that the delivery people frequent when dropping off packages. We also spend quite a bit of time on our front porch so I knew I needed to up the WOW factor.

White house black double front doors large front porch fall porch decor mums halloween decor spider decor

What's the first thing that catches your eye? It is the big, creepy spiders crawling on the walls? Or perhaps the hot pink mums that add so much color? These spiders were some of the very first things I bought for this Halloween season.

I've long believed that while interior decor is mainly for our family, exterior decor is for everyone else.

Everyone who knows me is downright shocked that I'm decorating with spiders since I hate them so much! We have huge spiders around here and I drop a pretty penny every quarter to have our house and yard sprayed for bugs, but there's always a few alpha spiders that breakthrough. For this reason, I think living in the country has desensitized me enough to where I no longer freak out when I see big, obviously fake, spiders!

Halloween spider porch decor on white painted brick house with black front doors

The older I get the more I appreciate the huge variety of colors and styles available in pumpkins. For the longest time, I stuck to traditional orange pumpkins with traditional orange and yellow mums. Outside of fall, orange and yellow aren't colors I try to work into my design themes, so it's no surprise that the past few years I've begun using white pumpkins with green and blue accents!

I knew I wanted to ditch the yellow and orange mums this year too which worked in my favor when I stumbled upon these HUGE magenta mums that are the perfect blend of pink and purple. I also worked with smaller white and red mums to add depth and dimension.

Halloween skeleton porch decor on white painted brick house with black front doors

The left side of our porch is reserved for Skelly Kapowski and Jessie Spine-O, our in-house skeletons! These guys primarily stay outside each season and have held up surprisingly well. I also lucked out with these cute spider web pillows. I found a set of two at Marshall's and picked them up even though I knew I needed four. I kept a lookout and eventually found another set at a TJ Maxx in another town. They look so cute on our rocking chairs and work well with our big spiders!


It would be a HUGE letdown to all of our guests if they walked in from our spooktacular porch to an interior devoid of decoration, so of course, I wanted to make a statement in our entryway. I decided on a warm color palette inspired by a gorgeous bouquet of dried botanicals I found.

I had recently purchased this simple rounded matte black vase that I knew would look perfect with these fall stems. I was also eager to include the small woven pumpkins I'd picked up at Target. If you've followed me for long, you've probably seen these black candlesticks in other setups because they are so versatile - I use them everywhere!

Fall entryway decor with black vase dried botanicals fall stems woven pumpkin and black candlesticks

I have a huge collection of pumpkins that seems to grow and grow every year. I wasn't even mad when my two-year-old broke two last week because I probably need to pair down anyway! I lined up three of my favorite pumpkins on the bottom of my console table to add some interest and utilize a space I rarely decorate.

I switched out my flameless candles for two blush pink textured pumpkins on top of my pillar candlesticks. I love the height this gives to the table as it balances out the tall stems on the other side.

Fall entryway decor with black vase dried botanicals fall stems woven pumpkin and black candlesticks wooden candlesticks pink pumpkins gold pumpkins and white abstract wall art

I loved the way my console table turned out and will probably keep it like this through Thanksgiving. However, there was not enough Halloween spookiness in this set up! To make this table ready for the big event, I added creepy beige netting and faux spiders. This way, the spiders on the outside seem less random and add to the cohesiveness of our home's overall decor.

As much as I love this fall setup, it wasn't quite spooky enough! Warning: this next design is not for the arachnophobic! I easily added an ivory-colored fabric (aptly named "creepy fabric" on the package) and placed fake spiders all around the table. The ones on the wall are from a $3 pack of paper spiders that were easily adhered to the wall with sticky dots! I used about two packages so with the "creepy fabric" and plastic spiders I probably spent only $10 on this whole creepy crawly scene.

Halloween spider wall decor

You can't see them in this picture, but I also bought a small strand of purple mini string lights and wove it throughout the garland. It's on a timer so every evening a spooky purple glow emanates from our entryway!

Once you walk into my living room we've gone completely batty with this easy bat decor covering the top half of our fireplace. We have 12 ft ceilings and this decor is an easy way to bring the eye up and utilize all the space we have available.

Halloween bat wall decor on white marble tile fireplace and wood built ins with shelf decor

I also threw some more "creepy fabric" over our gallery wall. I look at it every day and wonder if it looks great or terrible, but since it's only temporary I won't worry too much about it!

Bat wall decor halloween decor open concept living room with warm wood tone built ins

Next week I'll be showing off my fall table scape as well as different ways you can style my favorite fall table runner from Hearth & Hand at Target! What ways are you decorating for Halloween this year? Drop me a comment below and let me know!

Until next time,





Oct 18, 2021

This is sooo cute!

Elsa Mai


Oct 17, 2021

All of your decor is SO cute! I love the fireplace!


Oct 13, 2021

I absolutely love all of this!!!


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