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Nordstrom is offering up to 50% off select regular priced items this weekend. Check out my favorites to see what should be on your Must Have list!

Gray Bath Towel Set

I recently switched out most of my home's bath towels to gray. I love the look of white essentials - white towels, white sheets, white plates - but white towels just aren't feasible for us which I found out with my last set of towels. These are a great set that will look great in any bathroom! Right now they are 40% off so it's a great time to make a towel upgrade.

Boll & Branch Sheet Set

If you've been eager to try a set of Boll and Branch sheets but have been scared to give them a try because of the price, now's the time to jump honey! This gray and white trellis pattern is sweet and sophisticated; perfect for an everyday set for your master bedroom or to spoil your guests in your spare bedroom. These are currently 40% off which makes them competitively priced with other bedding brands.

Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Set

I have SO many acacia wood serving pieces in my own kitchen that it's not even funny! This salad bowl and serving set is beautiful and will take any salad you serve from typical to extra. Basically anything that makes me want to eat something healthy is a bonus in my book! I love the why this dark rich wood pops against my white counters and white backsplash - it's seriously beautiful!

Acacia Wood Wine Rack

I'm about to say something that may make you hate me but... I'm not a big wine drinker. I know, I know, everyone is about the wine, but I'm all about a cocktail when I want to party and hot tea when I want to relax. I do, however, like to keep a few bottles of wine around so I have something to offer guests. This acacia wood wine holder is beautiful, unique and holds four bottles of wine making it perfect for my kitchen!

"Boys with Plants" Coffee Table Book

This hardcover coffee table book is part fun part informative. I desperately want to curate a beautiful collection of house plants without killing them, but every day that goal seems to grow more and more unlikely. Sooo I think I'll just scroll through a book of dudes who actually do know how to take care of plants and be jealous. I honestly also really like this book because of it's light gray spine. Sue me!

Marble Table Lamp

Marble and gold - could it get any more me? This gorgeous lamp has a beautiful marble look finish, hints of gold and a bright white shade allowing it to being subtle glam to any tablescape. This lamp is also over 32" tall so it's a great option if you're needing to add height to your decor.

Jude Table Lamp

This marbleized green glass lamp is near the bottom of my list on this post, but it's at the very tippy top of my list in my head! This lamp is pretty substantial in size - 18 1/2" x 30 1/4" - so it definitely serves as a statement piece. The subtle green color reminds me of a light jade stone and has just enough pigment to be beautiful, but not scare off someone like me who is all about the neutrals. I'm wondering if this lamp would be perfect in my entryway!

Peak Sphere Ice Mold

This one is not for me, it's my husband. He's a budding bourbon connoisseur and likes to have exactly one round ice cube, I mean sphere, in his glass. This item is definitely on my short list as a birthday gift or maybe even a "just because" gift.

Scalloped Edge Dish Towels

How cute are these?! Like I mentioned earlier, I love white linens and these scalloped edges add the cutest detail. It's never a bad idea to have an extra set of dish towels, especially if all this staying at home has increased your amount of dirty dishes like it has for me.

Happy shopping this weekend!

All the Radness.

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