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There are many chic modern outdoor coffee tables for every budget! However will we choose?

Being quarantined the past month due to Covid-19 hasn't been a cake walk. We've done countless puzzles, played countless board games, and tried to keep up with online learning. While we're grateful for our health and the health of our community (our small town has only had 22 cases), we're bored!

The real reason we've even made it this long without going crazy is by spending a lot of time outside.

Last summer I made our front porch the priority while our back porch was neglected. Our daughter spent so much time playing with the neighbors in the cul-de-sac that having a comfortable place to keep an eye on the shenanigans was really important. I also wanted our front porch to be pretty and add to the curb appeal of our home

Now times have changed. While we're still spending time out front, we're spending far more time in the backyard grilling out and jumping on the trampoline. It's time to show our back porch some love! We've ordered some outdoor furniture, but I'm still on the quest for the perfect coffee and side tables! Here are some of my favorites I've found during my search.

All Weather Wicker and Metal Stavros Outdoor Coffee Table - $107

World Market is always one of my first stops when looking for affordable furniture and decor. This all weather wicker and metal coffee table will blend in with a wide array of furniture styles. I always feel like wicker furniture is the epitome of coastal living and at just $107 this table is an inexpensive way to add some vacation vibes to your patio.

Bermuda Hammered Brass Coffee Table - $449

This hammered brass outdoor coffee table is made of all-weather aluminum and since we all know I'm a sucker for gold, I think this piece is absolutely gorgeous! This coffee table adds a glamorous element to any outdoor lounge furniture and certainly makes a statement. All that aside, the best element of this table is that it is crafted using Fair Trade USA-certified materials and manufactured in a Fair Trade USA-certified factory.

Millstone Coffee Table - $492

This Millstone Coffee Table is modern and beautiful in it's simplicity. Though it certainly looks substantial, it's surprisingly lightweight. This sculptural furniture piece looks like stone but is made from resin, fiberglass and crushed stone and is both freeze and mildew resistant so you don't have to worry about bringing it in during the winter. This is great news for me and my minimal effort mentality!

Darbuka Coffee Table - $699

The Darbuka Coffee Table is arguably the most unique table on this list. This table is handmade and it's structural style is inspired by African drums. The modern metal legs add a sense of weightlessness to this otherwise substantial table and it's black color is intended to fade over time. Though I love the look of this table, it does require a bit of maintenance in the form of covering it in inclement weather and treating it with car wax or floor polish to help it maintain it's finish. In my opinion this table would be best used on a covered or screened-in patio.

Delfia Modern Concrete Round Dia Coffee Table - $289

I wouldn't say I have an obsession with Safavieh, but it's definitely verging on Stage 5 Clinger! This modern round cement coffee table doesn't help the situation. Clearly I love modern structural tables and this one is at such a fantastic price point that it's hard to resist. It's less than 28" in diameter and only 15" tall so it's perfect for a smaller patio or balcony or even used as a side table.

Swirled Drum Coffee Table - $1,498

Oh this swirled coffee table is so GORGEOUS I almost cant stand it! I added this one to my list and then realized it's actually suited for indoor use so if you buy this don't put it outside! But if you just so happen to be in the market for an indoor coffee table, you're welcome!

Concrete Coffee Table - $279.99

This concrete coffee table by Pier 1 is modern, functional, and perfect for anyone to add a structural, yet traditionally shaped, piece to their outdoor living situation. This price point is nearly impossible to beat if you're looking for a concrete or stone coffee table and is definitely worth consideration. Spice this bad boy up with a cute bamboo tray and a pitcher of margaritas!

Harrison Indoor/Outdoor Coffee Table - $818

This concrete and metal coffee table is simple and beautiful. It's a mixture of masculine and delicate and is the perfect choice for someone who loves the idea of a concrete table without the look of a big chunk of concrete. For the record, I like the look of both styles! This table is exceptionally low maintenance (my favorite) and only requires dusting or wiping with a damp rag when needed.

Which of these tables is your favorite? Seriously, please tell me so you can help me decide which one I should get for our back porch! Until next time.

All the Radness.


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