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There's nothing like a beautiful neutral area rug to anchor your outdoor living space. Here are some of my favorites including the one I have on my back porch!

Kachemak Indoor/ Outdoor Chevron Area Rug by Havenside Home

I absolutely adore this rug, so much so that I bought it for my own back patio! Thisi rug is truly an outdoor rug which makes it pretty durable and easy to clean. I chose this rug for it's clean geometric pattern and it's shades of gray and beige. I bought it in an 8x10 and I'm really pleased with how it looks. The online pictures are definitely indicative of what the rug looks like in person.

I think the rug goes really well with our West Elm Porto Lounge Furniture! I imagine I'll be spending counless hours in this outdoor space during the next few months!

nuLOOM Hana Striped Geometric Outdoor Area Rug, Beige

I know the color distinction in the name is kind of confusing because this rug certainly appears more gray than beige, but there's a darker gray version that's also available. I am a big fan of tribal patterns and this rug looks like it could work both indoors and out! I also like how the smaller print is more likely to hide dirt and smudges which are unavoidable when used outdoors!

Arles Rectangle Patio Rug by Safavieh

I first came across this rug in someone's living room. I thought it was gorgeous! I was thrilled to see it is both and indoor and outdoor rug! This rug has a large classic pattern that would blend well with many styles of patio furniture. I also think it could glam up any indoor living space!

Gray Shaded La Fiorentina Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

I simply can't resist a bold geometric pattern, especially in everyone's favorite neutral - gray! Similar to the rug I have on my porch, this option has a bold pattern with clean lines that keep it from being visually overwhelming. I could see thing blending in with a great gray wicker lounger or a classic teak patio set. Either way, your patio will look truly contemporary and on trend with this rug!

Outdoor Modern Rug

How cool is the pattern of this rug? It reminds me of a subtle animal print similar to giraffe or snakeskin. I love the shades of beige and think it would look great with multiple patio furniture finishes. Honestly speaking, I'd die to see this rug with charcoal gray or black patio furniture! You know I can't resist drama in design!

nuLOOM Aidy Southwestern Transitional Outdoor Area Rug, Beige

This tribal print rug by nuLOOM has so many beautiful on trend features including it's black and white pallet, bold tribal pattern and fringed edges. I would absolutely love to see this rug paired with raw wood furnishings in shades like teak and blonde oak. How pretty would that be?

Beige Tarnished Medallion Tassel Area Rug

I came thiiisssss close to ordering this rug! The pattern! The tassles! The description online states that this rug is beige and gray, though it has a slightly blue-ish tint to me so I was hesitant to order it. My house is overwhelmingly neutral so if this rug is truly blue I didn't think it would look right. However, my heart still feels a little pitter patter when I see this rug. I think it's just beautiful!

nuLOOM Angie Tribal Beige 9 ft. x 12 ft. Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

This one is for all you beige lovers out there! I'm sure you can tell by now that I'm a sucker for tribal print and this one certainly meets the mark! It has a pretty busy pattern but the monochrome pallet keeps it from being overwhelming. Something about this rug just looks so soft to me too!

Which of these rugs is your favorite? If you have another neutral rug that you think should have made the list leave me a link in the comments! Cheers to future patio time!

All the Radness.


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