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Crafting a master bedroom that dreams are made of.

This master bedroom reveal is a long time coming and I don't just mean because we moved in last summer and the master bedroom kept falling lower on the priority list. No. I mean because of Covid-19, the dreaded 'rona.

I ordered nightstands back in February during a great sale. I was so excited to get them, but the delivery fee was pretty insane - $500! That basically amounts to another piece of furniture! There was a loophole, though. This retailer offers a flat $200 delivery fee to anywhere in Dallas-Fort Worth. I texted my in-laws and they graciously agreed to accept the delivery of the nightstands and bring them up to Oklahoma on their next visit saving me $300. My frugal heart was happy!

Then the Rona hit and bam - social isolation left my new nightstands stranded in Texas while I spent our depressing quarantine trying not to spill drinks I set on the floor next to our bed.

But alas! Restrictions are being lifted so our master bedroom is finally complete and I can finally reveal it to you!

I ordered our bed from my very favorite Tulsa design store, Luxe Furniture. I've ordered quite a bit of furniture form this store and have been so pleased with their customer service and furnishing options. If you're not local, don't worry! I've found an online source for this bed which you can find down below!

I also purchased most of the bedding from Luxe in store, with a little extra help thrown in from our ever faithful Target! I love including furnishings from multiple suppliers and at multiple price points so I get the luxurious, expensive feel without breaking the bank or looking like I bought everything right off the showroom floor.

A little close up of our longed-for nightstands. Oh were we glad to see you! I'd been longing for a great piece of shagreen furniture, but worried this on trend finish might wear out in a few years. These nightstands were the perfect compromise! The faux shagreen finish on the drawers is flanked with wood and metal making it subtle and not overwhelming.

I'm also mildy obsessed with this face vase which is super cool and modern and only a tad bit creepy!

Right after ordering our nightstands I stumbled upon this beautiful set of artwork in a home design boutique in Edmond. They weren't what I originally had in mind for above our nightstands, but they seemed perfect. Bonus: They were very inexpensive, especially for a set of four!

I was mildly worried the prints would be too tall for the space when stacked on top of each other but they ended up being perfect! We aligned them with the top of the headboard which allowed us just the right amount of space in between the frames and above the nightstands.

Here's a look at the other two prints in the set along with some faux cherry blossom stems that I'm sure my husband just loves having on his side of the bed! Also here is one of my very favorite candle scents that I get from one of my favorite local stores and my lighting supplier, Amber's Lighting.

An issue that became apparent to us during construction was the placement of the french doors going into our master bathroom. Having them swing out toward the bedroom cut down on the space available for nightstands, but having them swing in would have them hit the shower glass and my husband's sink vanity. Our builder suggested possibly replacing them with barn doors, and while I love barn doors in many houses, they would look out of place in our home. With all that in mind, I knew early on that we were going to have to limit our nightstands to those 30" wide or less.

These nightstands are exactly 30" long giving us just enough room to open our double doors all the way. They’re also only 24” tall which is perfect for our low bed frame.

I'm in love with the curtains we chose for the room! If you've been following along you might remember we had a nightmare experience after ordering custom window blackout shades for this window. Once it became apparent that they weren't going to work I went into overdrive looking for a quick solution for room darkening privacy - this mama needs to sleep in BLACKOUT conditions!

I found these extra long, extra wide velvet room darkening curtains online and was both thrilled, yet skeptical, with the price. Could curtains this cheap really look beautiful and do the job? Guess what - THEY DO! They are so fantastic I'm considering another set for our guest room!

We ordered these curtains in the 100x120” size. For our guest room I’ll look for 50x120” since the window is significantly smaller.

Howard wanted to get in on the photoshoot. Ignore his scruffiness. He's long overdue for a grooming appointment which is another symptom of our month's long isolation!

So that's it! We finally have a real grown up bedroom that feels like home! Because of all the effort it took to allow this room to come together, I appreciate it even more!

If there's anything from this post that you'd like to have in your home, you can shop this post below!

Please note that these are affiliate links so if you make a purchase I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for tuning in and allowing me to share our home with you! Until next time.

All the Radness.




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