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There are few things better than vacationing at a luxury hotel. One thing, I might argue, is having your own home feel like a luxury hotel. Follow along as I tell you how to create that expensive getaway feeling without ever leaving your home.

There's something about a hotel lobby that just gets me. Maybe it's that after a long day of travel, a welcoming, glamorous hotel lobby makes me feel like I've arrived. Or maybe it's that first impression feeling - that feeling when you're so taken by the atmosphere that you just know you're going to have a great vacation while staying there.

Much of our home was designed with guests in mind. Many of our friends and family live far away. We also routinely ask each of our parents to babysit (er, I mean, come visit) so we can get a few hours away to enjoy a date night. For these reasons we designed our home with a comfortable guest suite so our guests can feel right at home - or better yet - like they're on a luxury vacation.

Hotel 1 is the inspiration behind Hotel Collection's My Way fragrance and let me be the first to tell you, this scent smells EXPENSIVE.


What do 4 pools, free Tesla car service, a full service spa, and private cabanas overlooking Miami Beach have in common? They are just some of the features of the 5 Star Luxury Resort - Hotel 1 in Miami. This hotel is not only glam from top to bottom, it's also incredible eco-conscious.

Hotel 1 is the inspiration behind Hotel Collection's My Way fragrance and let me be the first to tell you, this scent smells EXPENSIVE. Hotel Collection's Deluxe Candles are best sellers for a reason. These huge 55 oz. candles have four wicks and their scent permeates your space even when they're unlit.

Our main living space is large with high ceilings so I choose to keep this candle in my living room so that every guest who comes over is welcomed by this luxurious scent! These candles come in white or black (it's so hard to choose!) and the white one works seamlessly into my decor. And yes, I styled this candle on my end table with a large piece of coral because nothing says Miami Vacation quite like a pretty piece of white coral - except maybe some Pitbull songs! Dale!


I will be the first to admit that when I daydream of luxurious vacations, 9 times out of 10 I'm picturing a beach! The Dream On fragrance is inspired by Westin Hotels of which there are MANY. Westin is known for their high end hotels and resorts all over the world in exotic places such as the Maldives, the Caymen Islands, Greece and Dubai. Of course there are many all over the United States that are just as fabulous as those abroad.

Dream On is dreamy indeed with scent notes of white tea, vanilla and cedar. In our home I keep this sweet-scented reed diffuser in our guest bathroom. This diffuser maintains a beautiful scent that requires absolutely no effort for our guests because really? Who wants to make an effort on vacation?


I love to keep room sprays stashed around my house for two main reason - they provide a QUICK and EASY way to freshen up any room in a snap - or should I say, a spritz? I have two room sprays in Black Velvet and November Rain.

Black Velvet is inspired by Edition Hotels and as it's name suggests, this scent is sultry and sexy. In fact, I included only night shots of the New York and Tampa hotels because nothing about this scent says bright sunshine. I've always been drawn to muskier scents and this one definitely fits the bill. I keep this one on my nightstand so I can spritz my linens and curtains whenever I think the room needs a quick refresh.

My other room spray is November Rain which is another sultry scent, but one with a few more bright notes. Inspired by Marriot hotels, November Rain is made up of red currant and jasmine along with citrusy scents like orange and grapefruit. Marriott hotels are everywhere - no matter where you want to travel there is likely a Marriott in your desired location. That means that whether you're dreaming of an exotic getaway, traveling to a special event, or just wanting to be near long-distance family and friends, when you close your eyes and breathe in November Rain, you can feel like you're already there.

Which of these scents would you most like to try? Click HERE to check out Home Collection's entire fragrance collection and use code JENNA20 for 20% off your purchase! Until next time!



That is so cool they are inspired by different hotels! Really love this post!



I love the idea of scents inspired by luxury hotels. Who wouldn't want their home to smell like a luxury hotel? :) Great post!😀



The candles look really nice!!




I wish I could smell these scents. I bet they smell amazing!

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