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I love rugs. Love them! I think they set the tone for an entire room and can completely change a room’s aesthetic. This love of rugs has become a curse because I JUST. CAN’T. DECIDE. which ones to get for my home! Case in point: The Entryway.


There are a few architectural features that I feel make our entryway POP. The first is the large set of contemporary black double front doors and the second is our black metal French doors leading into the study. I love these features and because our floor plan is essentially open concept, you can see them from anywhere in our living area. Beyond the doors, however, this entryway has been largely ignored!

Last fall I stopped in my favorite interior design store in Tulsa, LUXE Furniture. I have purchased many of our furnishings here and I can always count of them to have a fresh selection of furniture and décor. I found this entryway table and fell in love with the dark stained wood base and the bright white marble top. The price, however, I didn’t love, so I sadly walked away. Luckily for me earlier this spring LUXE had a big warehouse sale and I got this table for over ½ off! Score!

Since then I’ve ordered a commissioned painting from a dear family friend and found a beautiful inexpensive print to hold its place. I’ve also picked up a couple set of candlesticks and other décor items that I think set the tone for our décor style for everyone who enters our home.

I still need a few items but the most important thing I need is a rug! Rugs are hard for me – I like so many! I agonize over rug choices for weeks and months for every single room of the house so this time I’m asking for help. Which of these rugs do YOU think would look the best in our entryway?

They’re all pretty reasonably priced and they’re all around the same size (save for the one round option) so I primarily need help deciding on style!


Which rug do you think would look the best in my entryway? After making this post I think I'm leaning towards one or two, but I still want to know your opinion. Let me know in the comments which one you think I should get or if there's one that didn't make the list you think I would love! Until next time.

All the Radness!




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