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Frontgate just released their new Spring 2021 Outdoor Collections and I've gathered up my favorites to share with you!

Who else is dreaming of bright, sunny summer days? After last week's snow storm that took over Oklahoma and Texas I imagine I'm not the only one. You know, I've always dreamed of living at the beach. I pushed my husband to go to medical school in Florida (he didn't) and I've practically begged him to look for jobs on the coast (he won't), so most days our back patio is as close as I can get to the crashing waves.

Creating a relaxing outdoor oasis of your own is a great long-term investment. Whether you have a large covered patio, are building a brand new pergola, or are looking to outfit a small apartment balcony, Frontgate has a a wide arrange of outdoor furniture in different materials and styles.

Frontgate is one one of my favorite companies for seasonal decor and their spring and summer collections are always fab! This year they have quite a few collections so I've rounded up my favorite in one spot to help you streamline your shopping process!


Frontgate Black Aluminum Outdoor Lounge Furniture

I have two very favorite outdoor furniture sets within these collections and they couldn't be more different. The St. Kitts Set in Matte Black Aluminum is the first! The modern, sleek lines are perfect for anyone who wants a contemporary look. I'm not sure how matte black would fare in the sun so I'd recommend this set for a covered patio so the sun doesn't heat up the aluminum.

Frontgate Matte Black Aluminum Outdoor Furniture with Wood Accents
Frontgate Matte Black Aluminum Outdoor Lounge Furniture Sofa Chairs with Natural Wood Accents

The Calhoun in Matte Black Aluminum is very similar to the St. Kitt's but has trendy natural wood accent on each arm. These sets have a very common silhouette that is likely to stick around for years. Bonus points that you can add any style of accent table or decor without the furniture weighing down the design.

Frontgate White Wicker Rattan Woven Natural Outdoor Furniture Sofa Chairs

Now this, ladies and gents, is my other very favorite set! The Bryant outdoor seating set has weather resistant teak and white woven wicker. Curved furniture is SO IN right now and the barrel shape of each chair and sofa are mid century modern without the hard, straight lines. The white wicker is so classic and makes me feel like a southern belle with a big sun hat!

Frontgate Natural Gray Wicker Woven Rattan Outdoor Sofa Chairs Furniture
Frontgate is one one of my favorite companies for seasonal decor and their spring and summer collections are always fab!
Frontgate Laguna Wicker Woven Rattan Natural Outdoor Sofa Chairs Furniture Set
Frontgate Torrento Outdoor Sofa Chairs

Frontgate Druwood Outdoor Furniture Sofa and Chairs

This Druwood set is another one of my faves. This set has woven wicker done a new, modern way. It's attached to powder-coated aluminum so it's durable even despite it's delicate woven look. The rich cognac color of the wicker is so beautiful and is definitely a contrast to the bleached wood that appears on many furniture collections this year (I actually love bleached wood, but this set makes me want to flip to the dark side).

Frontgate Weathered Teak Outdoor Furniture Sofa and Chairs

This set is the St. Kitt's in Weathered Teak. I've had this lifelong affliction where I can narrow down whatever I'm shopping for to two options and then for the life of me cannot decide which one to get. The St. Kitt's makes it extra hard because it's the same beautiful set in two gorgeous finishes.

Frontgate Surrey Hill Weathered Teak Outdoor Furniture Sofa Loveseat and Chair

Frontgate Bowery Outdoor Furniture Sofa Loveseat and Chair


You can't have a fully functional outdoor space without somewhere to set your iced tea or margaritas - however you roll in the summertime!

Frontgate Root Wood Tables in Stone Finish Outdoor coffee and side tables

These root tables in stone are absolutely gorgeous. Their natural shape would be the perfect accent to the modern lines of the St. Kitt's and Druwood sofa sets.

Frontgate Barrel Wood Tables Bleached Wood Outdoor Coffee Table and Side Table

Here's some of that bleached barrel wood I was talking about. Gorgeous, huh?

Frontgate Terrazzo Outdoor Coffee Table

I'm partial to this round white Lucia Terrazo Coffee Table because it's very similar to the one I have on my own back porch. I think Terrazzo is such a fun, subtle way to add some color and texture to a space, but I like it most in small doses. Accent tables are a great, cost effective way to work in a trend without overdoing it.

Frontgate Faux Wood Square Pedestal Outdoor Coffee Table

Frontgate Root Outdoor Tables in White Finish

Here are those same root tables in white. Aren't they beautiful?

Frontgate Gray and White Stripe Accent Stool

Frontgate Covella Outdoor Coffee Table Green Scalloped Mermaid Coffee Table

Frontgate Teak Farmhouse Coffee Table in Weathered Finish

How pretty is this Teak Farmhouse Coffee Table? I can picture this beauty in the backyard of so many beautiful homes. I also think it would make an excellent indoor coffee table too. I like to think the weather-resistant teak would make it less susceptible to spills which in our house are super common!

Teak nesting outdoor coffee table

This Calrion Nesting Coffee Table just exudes spa-like vibes which is what we all want when we're relaxing outside. And if you're in the south - it's probably muggy enough in the summer to feel like you're in a sauna! This teak coffee table can be shut when you're saving space or pulled out when you need more table space. I personally see this table pulled out to full extension covered in cheese boards and maybe a mimosa bar!

Frontgate Black Barrel Outdoor Accent Stool Table

Round White Barrel Outdoor Coffee Table and Accent Side Table

Are you in the market for new outdoor furniture this year? Which of these are your favorite? Let me know in the comments if you're shopping for something specific, I'd love to help you find it!

Until next time!

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