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Serena and Lily made dip dyed stools THE bathroom accessory everyone has to have. Here are some sources where you can get the same look for less!

Black dip dyed stools serena and lily dupe

Serena and Lily put dip dyed stools on the map a few seasons ago and they've been taking over bathrooms across the country ever since. These simple, functional accessories are the perfect place to display a plant or hoist up your legs when shaving! Hey - bathrooms serve more purposes than just being pretty!

I love everything about these stools, EXCEPT for the price. The large stool is $88 and the small one is $78. Each stool is pretty enough by itself, but I think we all agree that two stools are better than one! That means when you buy both of them, all of a sudden your cart total is $166. The oval stool alone is a whopping $128! As your resident bargain hunter, I could never quite pull the trigger on these beautiful, but pricey, stools.

Imagine my sheer joy when I stumbled upon these nearly identical dip dyed stools while strolling through TJ Maxx! Serena and Lily's have white, navy and non-dipped versions and these ones are black - my favorite! The large one was $39 and the small one was $29 - a HUGE savings for nearly identical items. That's two stools for less than the price of one of the fancier options.

serena and lily inspired black dip dyed stools

I've rounded up a few affordable options for dip dyed stools including the white version of the ones I got at TJ Maxx. Fair warning, the ones at TJ Maxx are currently sold out, but if you're a Maxxinista like me, you know they tend to restock on a fairly regular basis so I'm linking it here for when that happens!

TJ Maxx White Teak Dip Dyed Stool Made in Vietnam Serena and Lily Stool Dupe

serena and lily inspired white dip dyed stools

These stools are from Etsy and are only slightly cheaper than the Serena and Lily versions.

serena and lily white dip dyed stool dupe

This is another version from Etsy and comes in two sizes with THREE different color options - white, navy and charcoal.

bleach wood stool for diy dip dyed stool serena and lily dupe

This one from Kohl's is one you'll have to DIY dip dye, but at $51 it might be worth the effort.

What do you think of this trend? Is it here to stay? If you dig it be sure to keep an eye out at all your favorite TJ Maxx, Marshall's and HomeGood's locations to see if you can swoop up a set of these fab (and affordable) stools!



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