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Those jingle bells will soon be ringing! A Christmas color scheme will bring all of your decor together!

It seems I've crossed over to the dark side. You know the one - the one occupied by retailers like Hobby Lobby and Michael's who start setting up their Christmas goodies in October. I don't have my tree up - yet - but the wheels are turning on this year's Christmas decor!

In my past I've gone through an array of Christmas color stories - the pink phase in my college years; the traditional vintage Christmas when I couldn't afford any new ornaments; the all white, faux snow-covered decor.

Each of these color schemes took center stage on my old AF Christmas tree that leaned a bit and had a questionable string of lights that worked until they didn't.

Last year I purchased a new 10 ft flocked tree from King of Christmas and started decorating with all new ornaments in shades of berry, blush and champagne. I plan to continue building on that color scheme this year which got me thinking - what other fabulous color schemes am I missing out on? So I put together a few of my faves and will add another post with even more once I'm done drooling over them! Read on to see my Christmas Color Scheme Guides!

Berry & Blush

This color scheme is the very one I use in my own home. Many of these items are already waiting in my online shopping cart ready to be swooped up! Everything in the above photo (and featured below) can be found on my profile! Search HouseofRad405 and be sure to give me a follow!

Green & Gold

This is such a beautiful, understated combination that I think is far, far underrated. It's also pretty easy to achieve since Christmas trees are green. Bonus points for anything that makes the holiday season easier!

Animal Print

You can shop all of these items by clicking on their pictures or you can find me on the app @houseofrad405. Leave me a comment below to let me know what YOUR favorite color scheme is! Until next time!


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