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Over the last two years we've curated quality flocked Christmas decor from King of Christmas and it makes our home feel like a Winter Wonderland.

Modern Entryway Christmas Decor with Flocked Trees in Modern Black Plant Stands, Owl Decor and Flocked Pre Lit Wreath and Garland

In college I went to At Home, the home store formerly known as Garden Ridge. I picked out a pre-lit tree and a bunch of pink ornaments because how else would a 19 year old girl in college decorate for Christmas? Little did I know that that very Christmas tree would serve my family for years to come.

I eventually kicked the pink ornaments to the curb and spent years decorating with white and silver. It was only slightly annoying every year figuring out how to make the center string of lights turn on. And I'm not sure anyone else noticed when the tree started leaning, but slowly and surely, the tree succumbed to it's death.

Last year after extensive tree research we purchased a 10-ft tall pre-lit Queen Flock tree from King of Christmas. It is beautiful - full and realistic looking, and is competitively priced. This year I was #gifted the matching pre-lit King Flock 4 Piece Set that I couldn't wait to set up in my entry way.

Christmas Trees in Modern Bohemian Black Plant Stands with Owl Decor and Faux Fur Present Box Decor

This set comes with two 3 foot tall flocked Christmas trees, a 6 ft flocked garland, and one flocked Christmas wreath. All of it is pre-lit and battery operated with built in timers. You literally cannot get any easier!

Pro Tip - each item requires D batteries! Go ahead and have them on hand for when your set arrives because you'll want to immediately set it all up and bask in their Christmas glow!

Each tree has a burlap-wrapped base that are cute on their own, but don't quite fit in with my more contemporary style. I put each of my trees in these black boho plant stands to give them each some extra height as well as a modern touch.

My mom has had a large white owl in her dining room for years and my kids always get a kick out of it, so I picked up a small snow owl for my Christmas decor this year! I set out a couple of faux fur gift boxes to finish off the vignette.

Modern Entryway Christmas Decor with Flocked Garland and Green Mercury Glass Cone Trees

The garland and wreath (pictured in the basket) are also pre lit and battery operated which is right up my lazy alley! The garland itself is flocked, but I always layer my garlands unless I'm going for a minimal look and rest assured there is nothing minimal about my Christmas decor!

In this instance I wrapped both this garland and the one on my stair railing with long faux eucalyptus garland and added some gold sprigs. The additional garland adds extra color variation and texture and the gold sprigs bring in some of the color scheme from my tree.

I always have these tall wood pillar candle holders out because they seamlessly work into all of my seasonal decor. The gray pillar candles are incredibly realistic flameless candles that help create the perfect ambiance.

I picked up this gold metal tree card holder last year and can't wait to fill it with pretty cards! Until then it looks so cute on its own!

Modern Entryway Christmas Decor

I'm still busy putting the finishing touches on our King of Christmas tree so stay tuned! Until then I'm going to enjoy my winter wonderland entryway and all of the little twinkly lights.

Until next time!




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