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I'm so thrilled to reach 2K Instagram followers! To celebrate I'm giving away a $100 eGift card to West Elm!

When I first started House of Rad, I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted to do. Take and post cool house pics, maybe document our journey making our new house a home. What I didn't expect was all of the amazing women I've met. Other women who are passionate about creating a beautiful, functional home environment for their families. Women who are passionate about lifting others up and cheering others on toward their goals. I seriously credit these new friends of mine for helping me reach this new milestone - Getting 2,000 followers on Instagram!

It's with this spirit of gratitude that I want to give something back to one of my new followers: a $100 eGift Card to one of my very favorite retailers, West Elm.

Pieces from West Elm can be found all over my house; from the sculptural book ends in the study to the chandelier in our dining area. Because I'm so familiar with West Elm, I know that while they have a wide range of price points, some of their items are pretty spendy! The way I see it, $100 can get you a few beautiful pieces like modern vases and throw pillows, or it can take the edge off a more expensive item.

I've compiled a list of some of my favorite items in case the winner is overwhelmed by choices! I might also save this post as my own personal wish list!

Decorative Items

How perfect are all of these white vases? Use a large one on your kitchen island or entryway table for a clean, modern vibe or mix and match a few of them for a more eclectic look.

These dipped vases might be second on this post, but they're actually #1 on my must have list! Each vase has a traditional shape, but the curve and subtle color variation in the dips make each vase unique and interesting to look at. These are the types of vase that are just as pretty on their own as they are with a bouquet of flowers!

Throw Pillows

These big geometric prints make my little modern heart extra twitterpated. Use these to bring in some pops of color to an otherwise neutral room or as a coordinating extra to an already brightly hued one.

These speckled print pillows remind me of terrazzo which as we all know is so hot right now! These patterns are cute terrazzo-inspired kind and not the high school flooring-inspired kind.

You know me. I just can't resist anything that's black, white and gold. I'd consider it a problem if it wasn't so dang pretty.

Mirrors & Wall Art

Like a lot of you, I have a round mirror obsession. When we were building out house I desperately wanted these oversize gold rectangle mirrors with round hooks on the top for our master bathroom, but they were going to be $3,000 - YIKES! Had these gold ones been around last year, our bathroom would definitely have these displayed!

Another round mirror - can you blame me? This one is on modern round pivots that are perfect for anyone intent on getting the angle of the mirror just right.

This piece of art is called Winter Beach and after two weeks of 100 degree weather, I could use a winter beach right now. Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm on Nantucket in an Elin Hildebrand novel. Hopefully people wouldn't be ruining my life with their secrets, though.

This is Oklahoma so I'd be remiss if I didn't include a photograph of livestock! I can hear cows moo from my driveway, though so I think that's enough cattle for my life!

This geometric wood wall art is so unique and truly makes a statement on its own. In case you disagree, they also sell this in sets of 4! Talk about an impact!


Our entire house is black, white and gold so obviously I can't resist this chandelier. I wish I needed a light fixture because if I did I would swoop this up in a heartbeat!

This long clean lines make me swoon! Put this above a kitchen table for a perfect meal time conversation piece or in a living room where it can be enjoyed around the clock.

This is the light fixture I have hanging above our kitchen table and I. AM. OBSESSED. So is everyone else who walks into our house. It's seriously our most commented on light fixture. There are a lot of globe light fixtures out there, but there isn't an exact replica with any other retailer so if you like this one, this is the one you need!

Here it is in all it's sculptural glory hanging in our dining nook.

Window Treatments

This is the curtain rod we have in our master bedroom. This rod is adjustable and the large one is long enough for our oversize window. Further, it has a great maximum weight which means our two huge, heavy velvet curtain panels won't snap this bad boy in half!

Can you see it peeking out near the top of the photo? It's almost camouflaged with all the gold we have in our master bedroom. When we built this house I imagined much more black hardware, but it turns out gold calls to me!

West Elm has so many great subtle window treatments that would look great in any home. My one and only complaint, and the reason I haven't personally purchased any myself, is because the man length they go up to is 108". Our house has 10' ceilings throughout and I'm a big believer in floor-to-ceiling window treatments so 108" doesn't do the trick. They're beautiful, though, and if you have lower ceilings these would be great!


I'm in the market for a cognac colored modern leather sofa and this one looks oh so comfy. I also like that it has taller back cushions because where am I supposed to rest my head on these low back sofas?!

How beautiful is this chair? That warm wood tone and light colored fabric would look so beautiful in many a living room. This chair is on my short list for sure.

Ah, these bar stools - total drool worthy pieces. They come in both bar and counter height so can work for any size island or peninsula. And if you have an in-home bar? Even better! You don't have to worry about spills on these babies!

Are there any items I missed that you think should make the list? If so, leave me a comment! Otherwise, go find me on Instagram @houseofrad405 and enter the giveaway! Good luck! Until next time.

All the Radness.


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