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The temperatures dipped down into the mid-60s for a glorious two days so you know what that means - Fall Decor! This year I started by creating a glam fall tablescape.

All of my old fall decor is orange and blue. I love the combo and think it looks so warm and classic, but I wanted to switch it up this year. Our whole house is white, black and gold, so I wanted to bring that color scheme to the literal table.

I started by laying the foundation with this black and white striped table runner. Our table is 84" and this runner is 90". Ideally I would have purchased something a little longer (or even shorter), but I was at the mercy of this cute pattern. This runner would also look great with a rustic modern farmhouse vibe or even a monochromatic scene.

Next I added this purple-hued garland to bring some depth and texture. I've always loved purple for the fall - even purple mums are my favorite - so I was thrilled to find a way to add some subtle color.

See that big gold pumpkin in the center? I found that bad boy at HomeGoods. I bought two of them but felt like one was enough to serve as the centerpiece for my table display. With the gold on lock I added white plastic pumpkins and black and gold velvet ones to create some different textures. Next I brought in these four modern gold candlesticks that I use for pretty much every tablescape!

The next step was to add some function. I'm a big believer in clean white plates but I've recently been buying black stoneware dishes to change things up. I used sparkly round gold placemats at each space and then alternated black and white starting with the black chargers and ending with the black stoneware bowls.

The gold flatware adds an extra element of glam and creates a more modern look than traditional silverware.

Finally I added some amber vases with faux fall stems to bring some height to the table. I have a third one on my kitchen island that brings some cohesion to both of the spaces.

Check out the video below to see how I put this all together and then continue scrolling if you want to shop the look! Until next time!




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