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My youngest daughter just turned two and what better way to celebrate than turning our house into underwater Baby Shark fiesta?

If you’re a parent of a toddler, I’m willing to bet the familiar “doo doos” of Baby Shark run rampant in your head. When my oldest daughter was younger Baby Shark was just coming on the scene and we narrowly avoided a phase. This time around, the Baby Shark family has enraptured my toddler in all of its various versions.

As my daughter’s second birthday approached, I knew her party could only be one possible theme: Baby Shark! A cake, some balloons and a quick trip to a party supply store gave us everything we need to make her entire year with the best toddler birthday party!

On and Poppin'

Last month I shared a post featuring local party pros we used to help plan my oldest daughter's birthday party. One of those was POP - Stillwater, a super cool company that creates elaborate balloon installations. The owner suggested we we use a base of white balloons with pink and silver accents that could be switched out for blue in time for my youngest daughter's birthday party a couple of weeks later.

Can you see the strategy when you compare both of the balloon pictures? It was an easy and cost effective change that made our party go from Glam to Baby Shark in a snap! Extra good news? The balloons were an easy take down - I popped all of them and cut the ties to railing and that was it. These balloons created a big impact for both parties!

Obviously the Birthday Girl loved her balloons!

Let Them Eat Cake

My very favorite bakery in Stillwater, OK is I Think So Cakes. It's kind of hard to find if you haven't been there before, but that's because the best things are worth searching for! We have enjoyed I Think So cakes for many celebrations including a delicious snickerdoodle cake at Christmas and an ombre Red Velvet cake for my friend's birthday!

I emailed the owner with a few inspiration photos, but encouraged her to do whatever she thought would look best. When I picked it up I was THRILLED. This cake turned out so beautiful and was DELICIOUS. Do you see those pretty coral pieces? They're actually Jolly Ranchers that have been melted down - talk about yummy! All of this icing is buttercream and still looks just as fab as one made with fondant.

A Galaxy of Party Supplies

While I love the balloons and cake, I knew I needed a few extra items to add a little more pop to the decor. I made a quick run to Party Galaxy and quickly found everything I needed - paper plates, napkins, a large banner, and little Baby Shark family cards. We also filled a Baby Shark balloon that I honestly completely forgot about during the party. Now it's sitting in one of the pantry cabinets and is the perfect place for hiding candy from the kids!

As you can see I also included a large Baby Shark stuffy that we already had to the high chair as well as put out little squishy keychains to give to all the kids. Someone please explain to me why these squishy toys are so dang satisfying?!

Here's Your Sign

Last, but definitely not least, all of our guests were welcomed by the big Card My Yard sign in the front yard. These signs have become birthday traditions in our home, and Elizabeth always does a spectacular job putting these signs together for us!

What kind of things are your kids into right now? Are you planning to have any parties this year? I sure hope so - 2020 was kind of a dud on the birthday front (and on many other fronts) so this year we decided the kids had earned some smaller-than-usual, but still super fun birthday parties!

Until next time!

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09 באפר׳ 2021

Aww this is so cute!!



09 באפר׳ 2021

Aw the baby shark theme is adorable!


Melanie Stanton
Melanie Stanton
08 באפר׳ 2021

I'm sure there's a baby shark themed party in my future one day. Love all the decorations!


07 באפר׳ 2021

Aw this turned out so adorable! Love the idea!!

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