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Looking to make a bedroom change up? Check out my favorites from Arhaus' rad bedroom sale.

Last night I was exhausted. And I don’t just mean the general feeling of tiredness with which I live my life. I’m talking putting the kids to bed early and trying to make myself a cup of tea before I passed out face down on the couch. Now as luck and mom life would have it, I generally gain a little bit of energy each time I tuck in a kid for the final goodnight. At least enough energy to get myself through an episode of Better Call Saul (hey, the new season is out) before calling it a night.

Last night I climbed into bed with my tea and leaned over to set it down on the… floor. Because we don’t have nightstands. So far in our home furnishing journey we have yet to imbibe on the luxury that is having nightstands and while I don’t think my life is terrible without them, it would be nice to have a place to set my cup.

I’ve been eyeing different chests and nightstands for weeks (months?) but have had other more pressing needs. Until today! I stumbled over a great sale that I think will finally seal the nightstand deal for me. Arhaus is having a 50% off sale when you buy 2+ bedroom furniture pieces. 50%!!

I decided this deal is pretty sweet so my plan today is to over-analyze the purchase for a few hours until I finally talk myself into pulling the trigger on these bad boys.

I also thought I’d share some of my favorite finds with you in case you’re in the market for a bedroom refresh! Check out their website and then come back and tell me which pieces you like the best!


The Malone Canopy Bed is one of my very favorite bedroom pieces at Arhaus, and not because it bears an eerie resemblance to my own bed. Okay, maybe exactly because it bears an eerie resemblance to my own bed. They also have a Malone bed without a canopy for those of you who aren't feeling that canopy feeling.

Side note: When I was showing my husband beds I was interested in last year, he asked me "What are those pole things?" Then when I explained they were canopy beds he became absolutely horrified that I would put a "sheet thing" on the top. Boys are silly. So if you are married to someone like that, or maybe ARE someone like that, maybe these other beds are a better fit!

The Felix bed is something of classic beauty. You literally can't go wrong with it. Whether your house is modern, rustic, trendy, or traditional, this bed will fit into any style. I really like it's cool gray fabric that can easily blend into any color scheme.

Here it is all styled, looking lived in and gorgeous. I'm feeling sleepy.

The plush headboard of the Hayworth bed is so elegant and inviting. Like, why yes, thank you. I'd love to climb under those sheets and rest my back on this cozy headboard while I read my book and look fabulous.

Another fabulously tousled bed set up if I do say so myself. You can also buy the Felix and Hayworth headboards if you already have a standard bed frame and don't want to purchase the whole bed. That's what we've done in our guest bedroom and it's a really cost effective way to change up the look of a room.

A leather bed is simply divine. I also think it's dramatically understated. Is that an oxymoron? Well, you'd have to be a moron not to like this bed. JK. I'm rambling, simply because this bed looks so inviting that I'm practically asleep right where I sit.

In all honesty, I like to have a bit of glam in a master bedroom, but I would 100% put this Andes Leather Bed in a guest room or boy's room. Cozy, chic and easily cleaned. What more could you want?


Oh a nightstand sale - I am HERE FOR IT. There are SO MANY reasons why I haven't purchased nightstands yet. The first is my priority list. There are simply other things we've deemed more important than nightstands that we need to buy. Dining chairs, bar stools, you know, places for people to actually sit topped the list. I've also been crazy overwhelmed trying to find the right pieces with the perfect dimensions. Our headboard is tall, but our mattress is low to the ground so finding nightstands that are the right height has been tricky. We also have double doors that open into our bathroom so I want to be able to open them all the way which would be impossible if the nightstands are too wide.

These Malone nightstands from Arhaus should work great! They're only 24" tall which is a little bit on the shorter side, but should make things easily reachable when we're lying in bed. They're also 30" wide which gives us plenty of space to open the bathroom doors.

My favorite features of these nightstands are the faux shagreen finish on the drawers and the brushed gold pulls and legs. Ah, look how gorgeous!

These nightstands also come in a dark walnut finish which is equally beautiful and would look great in a number of different bedrooms.

Some of the other nightstands I really love were also strong contenders. Sometimes I think it would have been easier to just buy all of our bedroom pieces at once, but since we only purchased a bed last summer, that piece really dictates what kind of other furniture we can put in our bedroom.

I absolutely swoon when I see a piece of furniture with the clean minimalistic lines like that of the Bodhi dresser. If this piece was just a teeny bit bigger, I would have been more into it. This same style can be found through other great retailers too, like RH Modern.

The Aventine nightstand has a dark, almost masculine feel which is a feature I generally love in furniture. I have a bit of an aversion to the overly frilly when it comes to furniture which would damn near shock anyone who knows what our old bed looked like. It my defense, I got it in college during a time in which I also drove a baby blue Mustang with a vanity license plate that said PrncessJ. So there you have it.

The Nika nightstand is super cool. It's mid century modern shape is really similar to the nightstands we have in our guest room, though these are undeniably more unique. They're heavily designed but not in a way that's visually overwhelming.


Dressers tend to be the second biggest statement piece of a bedroom. We don't have one in our room, simply because we designed our closet with built-in drawers. This is actually the first time in my life I haven't had a dresser so I still feel experienced enough to talk about them! I've also purchased one and refinished another for my daughters' rooms so I wouldn't deny it if someone called me a dresser pro. Go ahead, I don't mind!

Clearly I'm a huge fan of the Malone suite and that can be said for the Malone dresser as well. Clean lines, adequate storage, and a faux shagreen finish makes this dresser both elegant and functional. I seriously love this style and if I needed a dresser, this is the one I would buy fo' sho'.

Look familiar? The Nika dresser is a STATEMENT. MAKER. I adore this piece! The clean lines are an excellent foundation for the pattern of the wood that is clearly the show stopper of this piece.

The Reese dresser absolutely screams old school glamour! Or maybe it whispers it because this subtle blush color is soft and clean. Oh I love blush. I really do. If I wasn't married to a super masculine, ultra manly man I would totally deck my whole house out in blush. Or not. But I do love it. The Reese line also comes in multiple different sizes and finishes included antiqued glass and dark gray.

The Lennox dresser has clean lines, but is still full of vintage charm. For someone who's design style leans a bit more traditional, this piece is for you! This is one of those pieces people call timeless. It looks good now, it looked good then, and it will look great for years to come no matter how much you switch things up.

That's it for my favorite pieces. Go check out the Arhaus bedroom sale for yourself and then come back and tell me what you like!

All the Radness.


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