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Now is the perfect time to score some great items from McGee & Co while they offer an extra 25% off sale items.

McGee & Co is one of those companies that I just straight up admire. A husband and wife team, McGee & Co offers an array of home décor items that can work seamlessly into so many different design aesthetics. In my opinion, each item is brilliantly simplistic.

Now being the open book that I am, I often look to McGee & Co for inspiration. They have a wide range of price points, though sometimes my fave items give me that momentary panic that is sticker shock. This brings me to the good news – they’re having a great sale right now!

Right now you can take an additional 25% off already reduced items with the code INFULLBLOOM.

Below are some of my favorite items from the sale. Check them out. If you haven’t fallen head over heels in love with McGee & Co already, these items just might seal the deal for you.

Patchwork Wooden Bowl

I am so HERE for bleached wood vases and bowls right now. I have a similar vase in my powder room and these wood pieces are absolutely ideal for displaying anything. Set out dried flowers or fresh fruit in one of these and just like that, BOOM - instant style is added to any room.

Lace Woven Rattan Tray

This rattan tray is another versatile item where the possibilities are endless. I use trays for EVERYTHING. I have one under a vase on my kitchen island, holding perfumes in my bathroom, as a nightstand topper in my guest room. In fact, I don't think I consciously considered my obsession with trays until right this very second. The good news is I don't have a tray like this one so obviously my collection needs a new piece!

Ebony Box

This item is probably my absolute favorite sale item available simply because it goes with my house perfectly. Bold black, clean lines and a touch of gold - just like Julie Andrews said, these are all my favorite things!

Opal & Natural Raffia Bowl

Raffie bowls are so hot right now and this is a perfect one to swoop up at a great price. Buy one to use as an actual bowl (whaaattt?) or a few to hang on the wall - but don't forget to buy them in odd numbers! This is a design rule I tend to stick to and it hasn't led me astray yet.

Kingston Gray Indoor/Outfoor Rug

Who doesn't need a clean, simple, perfectly gray rug? A lot of their sizes are sold out, but if you're looking for a rug to anchor an entryway or a small patio space, this could be your guy. I also love it as the base to a front porch door mat.

Hadleigh Hand Towel

This hand town with it's cute stripes and dangly tassels make this a chic towel for your bathroom or kitchen that looks stylish, but still looks safe to dry your hands on! My personal favorite is the one with black stripes, but it's out of stock. My next favorite is the gray striped towel which is equally cute and would look great in any home!

I have quite a few other favorite items, but unfortunately some of them are out of stock. With that in mind you better RUN, not walk, to this sale. Head to their website and then come back and tell me which items you're drooling over! Until next time.

All the Radness.


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