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Organic shapes, mindful design and spaces dripping with nature-inspired colors are just a few of the home decor trends about to takeover our homes in 2022. Read on to see what I anticipate will be the Top 10 biggest home decor trends for the coming year.

2021 was another year filled with uncertainty as many of us traveled outside our homes for the first time in almost two years. All this time spent in our homes have made us all particularly aware of newfound needs and wants and has left us aching for more. More than a place to simply hang out. More than a destination to eat a rushed meal. We are craving more function, more mindfulness, more color, more LIVING.

After studying design trends and speaking with other creators in the home décor industry, I’m finally ready to predict what will be the Top 10 home décor trends taking over our spaces in 2022. I think those of you who are ready for a change will be pleasantly surprised (perhaps even relieved) to see what's coming down the pipeline! Let's get this party started!


While neutrals will never go out of style, gone are the days of white and gray everything. Color is making a serious comeback and much of it seems inspired by nature and even, dare I say, the '70s! Soothing greens, deep blues, earthy terracotta and rich berry tones are coming into spaces in a variety of ways!

One of the boldest ways to incorporate color into your space is through paint and wallpaper. Paint an entire room, your kitchen island, a canvas, or your front door for a bold change. Wallpaper has also been on the rise and we're seeing large, bold patterns taking over our Instagram feeds.

Green and blue kitchens have been on the rise with one of my favorite examples being this spring's HGTV Dream Home in Vermont. Pro Tip: A muted, nature-inspired shade will have a much longer shelf life than a bright, bold hue.

For those of you like me who are big time neutral lovers, incorporate color in less permanent ways like textiles and wall art. Instead of painting a whole room, try updating the bedding or adding floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Pro Tip: A muted, nature-inspired shade will have a much longer shelf life than a bright, bold hue.


Modern minimalism and bohemian styles have been leading the charge in interior design for the last few years, but in 2022 we'll be seeing a sharp turn towards more traditional design. Now before you run out and buy grandma's old floral couch, this style is coming back with a whisper. Think warmer color tones, ornamental trimmings and rounder silhouettes.

The writing has been on the wall with this trend in recent years with the surge in antique brass finishes and a rise in demand for traditional landscape wall art. When I think of traditional style, I always think of the word "polished," and now maybe even the word "extra." Heavier textiles, bolder hues, decorative trim, and attention to layering are all nods to the traditional style that when done right can make your home look magazine-worthy.



Whenever I talk about texture my mind immediately goes to textiles. Pillows, throw blankets, curtains, and rugs are the most obvious ways to bring texture into a space. Certainly, in 2022 this will still hold true only now, the emphasis will be on furniture and decor.

Amber Interiors Bathroom with Fluted Cabinet

Rattan, cane and wicker furniture will continue to light the furniture world on fire, though now we'll also see a surge in fluted finishes in both furniture and cabinetry. Reclaimed woods and live edges will bring texture and interest to furniture and DIY projects everywhere.

As always the use of textiles are an easy way to add texture to your space. Mix and match throw pillows or add velvety curtains for instant luxe!



Not only will texture play a huge role in furniture design, but shape will as well. The harsh straight lines of mid-century silhouettes will give way to organic shapes with curves and softer edges. An easy way to transition to this trend will be looking for furniture with rounded arms or soft round backing. Organic shapes can also be found in those textured decor pieces mentioned above.

Some furniture designers are taking these shapes to new levels. Check out this canopy bed from Crate & Barrel. Other than rounded headboards, the shape of these posts is unlike anything I've seen so far, but I imagine that won't be the case for long. If you look beyond the bed, you'll also notice a rounded armchair off to the side.

Crate & Barrel Gracia Canopy Bed Gold Canopy Bed House of Rad Bedroom Decor Modern Bedroom

Organic pottery and stoneware are another place we'll see more natural shapes. Pottery, terracotta and stoneware often showcase their beauty in their imperfections. Some of my favorite lines of pottery pride themselves on each piece being one-of-a-kind, handmade items. This ensures that while your decor won't have that perfect symmetrical finish, it will certainly be different than anything your friends or neighbors have - and isn't that the goal?



For almost a decade gray has reigned supreme as everyone’s favorite neutral, we saw it everywhere! Slowly whites started making a comeback and I know we all love an all-white kitchen and the cleanness of all-white walls! Though we all love bright whites, another neutral is emerging as the current favorite - black!

Black exteriors that were once seen as too dark and dramatic are now taking over our neighborhoods and social media feeds. Adding warm wood and brass accents are the perfect complement to a dark exterior and I know this style has grown on many of us! One of my very favorite dark exteriors is one many of you will recognize from Chris Loves Julia!

Black has been making its way into our interiors for a couple of years but we’re going to see it pick up the pace is 2022. All black rooms, black interior doors, black-framed windows, and black light fixtures are going to continue to surge in popularity.

Think black is too dramatic for you? Try simple changes like changing your picture frames to black ones or adding a cool black table lamp. The options are endless and are a sure-fire way to modernize your home's style.



“But none of these new styles match my current decor!” This is a common dilemma homeowners face when making even the smallest of changes to their homes. I mentioned in last year’s home trends post that people are looking to create curated looks for their homes. These looks are created by thoughtfully picking out each individual furniture and decor piece for your home, as opposed to buying a whole showroom set all at once. Think picking up unique pieces while traveling or using a handmade item a loved one gave you.

The truth is that a full design overhaul is just not financially feasible for most people so it’s important to take the time to budget and plan for each specific purchase. There’s a lot to be said for the visual interest of mixing styles AND it takes the pressure off having to “match the room” when shopping for larger ticket items.

Amber Interiors is a genius at mixing styles in all of her projects. Here are a few highlights from some of her most recent projects. She also has an incredible online storefront if you want to shop her incredible style!

Amber Interiors Living Room
Amber Interiors Bedroom


Quick turn furniture and home decor have been long dominating the mass market for years. Much of this has been blamed on the circumstances in which Millennials came of age: a bad economy, poor job opportunities, and piles of student loans made purchasing expensive furniture out of reach for so many. The fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for. Cheap, quickly-made furniture may be cost-effective in the short term, but it doesn’t last and eventually ends up crowding landfills.

The market is changing and consumers are starting to be more mindful of where their furniture comes from with expectations that it will last. Choosing high-quality materials that will last as opposed to quick-turn inexpensive pieces is becoming the priority. Consumers are also paying more attention to the materials products are made from and their overall impact on the planet.

Choosing high-quality materials that will last as opposed to quick-turn inexpensive pieces are becoming the priority.

One of my favorite ways people are incorporating sustainability into design is through antiques! Reduce, reuse, recycle, am I right? Many antiques are made from quality materials and just need to be fixed up and refinished to their former glory. Like it was mentioned above, bringing antique charm into your space is more accepted (and respected) than ever!



Sustainability isn’t the only way people are being mindful with their design decisions. The past two years have had us working and schooling from home which has made us reevaluate how we use the spaces in our homes.

Where open floor plans have dominated for years, we’re starting to see more separation of spaces as people develop WFH spaces that allow for privacy and space to spread out. Homework stations are also having a moment as homeschooling increases in popularity.

People are also being more intentional with spaces for play and relaxation. When your work is literally at home, your mental health requires a comfortable space for downtime. Whether that’s creating a functional outdoor space or a relaxing bedroom retreat is entirely up to you!


This is my very favorite trend: dedicated spaces for fur babies! We’ve seen dog wash stations rising in popularity, but this trend is really hitting its stride! When shopping for a home or furnishings, people always consider their family’s needs, and now more than ever, our furbabies are being brought into consideration.

Built-in dog dishes in the kitchen cabinets are a great functional way to make space for your doggo. People are even starting to create entire mini rooms for the fur babies, often under the stairs or in a small closet.

Fido is no longer relegated to the backyard and special care is being given to make sure your furry family members have dedicated spots in their own homes.



This is another trend that made our list last year but is continuing to stay on the radar as one of this year's Must Have home priorities. Outdoor living spaces surged in popularity while we were all staying close to home, but even as we venture out we continue to crave an outdoor oasis separate from our indoor living space.

We spend quite a bit of time on our front and back porches and have big plans to increase our outdoor living space in 2022. Last year we added outdoor shades for added privacy and sun protection and updated some of our outdoor accessories. Keep an eye out later this spring as I unveil all the fun things we have in store!

What do you think of these upcoming home trends? Are you a fan or do you need some time for them to grow on you? I, for one, am greatly looking forward to incorporating some of these design elements into my home and I hope you'll stick around to watch how I do it!

Happy New Year!



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