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The holidays may look different this year, but that doesn't mean you can't look fab! Help me pick from this round up of beautiful Mommy & Me dresses!

Girls Christmas Dresses and Special Occasion Dresses

Ever since I had my first baby I've been in love with one local photographer's photos. Each year she hosts a special Santa session with the REAL Santa (my six year old can read now so I have to be extra careful). While my husband was in residency, there was NO WAY we could afford any family session, let alone one just for Santa pics.

Now our situation has changed a bit so last year I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and I signed my daughters up for the coveted Santa session. Let me tell you - it was SO worth it!

My youngest didn't agree, but I still cherish these pictures of my angry baby meeting Santa. I mean, can you really blame her? Any old man wanting me to sit on his lap with the promise of fulfilling all my dreams will get a swift kick to the... you get it.

Last year I put my girls in matching dresses in different colors - my oldest in red and my youngest in white. I absolutely loved how their outfits looked in the pictures so I'm extra motivated to love these dresses just as much!

In my extensive online window shopping I found some of the most beautiful special occasion dresses for girls and in a HUGE bonus - they all have matching dresses for Mommy!

Each of these dresses is linked so you can shop for your littles (or yourself - or BOTH). All of these links are affiliate links so I may earn a small commission if you purchase one of them at no additional cost to you.

Girls Christmas Dress in Green Plaid with Black Collar

This adorable green plaid dress was the first one to catch my eye. It oozes classic Christmas and would look cute on both of my girls.

Girls Christmas Dress and Special Occasion Dress in Red Lace

This merlot colored party dress is beautiful! It also comes in ivory (below) so I could go with a similar look as last year with one girl in red and the other in white. These are classic dresses in pretty silhouettes that could be worn for any special occasion!

Girls Christmas Dress, Girls Wedding Dress, Girls Special Occasion Dress in White or Ivory Lace

The Mommy and Me dresses in ivory would be perfect for a matching bride and daughter or any other wedding festivities. I could also see a mom and daughter matching at Easter brunch!

Mommy and Me Special Occasion, Wedding and Christmas Dress in White or Ivory with lace Sleeves
Gold simmer girls Christmas or Special Occasion Dress

The fabric on this gold dress is shimmery and has great movement. I love that gold is timeless and festive, but a little different from red and green.

Can I tell you a secret? I keep the girls' Christmas photos up around the house all year round! I can't help it, they are so darn cute that I don't have the heart to hide they away 11 months out of the year!

This gold dress would help the photos work seamlessly into my home decor. But would I really dress my kids so their pics match my home decor? Yes. Yes I would.
Gold Shimmer Mommy and Me Dress
White lace girls special occasion dress

How pretty are these white lace dresses?! I love the texture of the lace and the modest cut of the dress. All of these dresses are age appropriate for both mama and daughter, but a little extra coverage is always welcome in these cold winter months!

Let's just pretend it hasn't been in the 70s all week, mmkay?

White lace special occasion Mommy and Me dress

Just in case that gorgeousness of those white lace dresses didn't have you hooked, just look at this version in emerald green! I absolutely love this color and think this color would pop and look beautiful on every single person who wears it!

Emerald Green Girls Special Occasion or Christmas Dress

Emerald Green Mommy and Me Special Occasion or Christmas Dress

I obviously love this color green and actually bought a really similar dress to the next one last year. I also love that sweet pearl headband the girl in the pic is wearing. I included a couple of gold sparkly headbands at the end, but this pearl one has me swooning!

Emerald Green Girls Special Occasion or Christmas Dress

Emerald Green Mommy and Me Special Occasion or Christmas Dress

These next couple of dresses are beautiful, but I'm not considering them for Santa photos only because I like solid colors vs patterns for formal pictures. Still, I wanted to include them because they could be perfect for whatever occasion you're shopping for!

Mommy and Me White and Red Rose Matching Dresses

I love that they changed up the fit on the next set of dresses. A sweet A-line for little miss and a fitted mermaid style for mama.

Mommy and Me Red and Black Floral Special Occasion Matching Dresses
Baby and Girls Gold Leaf Elastic Headband
Baby and Girls Gold Rhinestone Floral Tie On Headband

A pretty dress needs some pretty accessories and I adore these glam headbands. Though let's be honest, the chances of my youngest leaving on any type of hair accessory is literally 0. 0 chances.

Which dresses do you think I should get for my girls? Really, please tell me because I'm having so much trouble deciding! Until next time!


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